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Andre Devorier LaMon


Mr. LaMon has passion for wine, champagne, cigars and all types of whiskey. Enjoys all major sports, including golf and tennis. Hobbies include smoking cigars, sipping wine and whiskey, playing golf, art and classic cars.

Art and Art History was first love

The term and idea behind "Cigar Dudes" came up during his first complete sketch which included cigar bands. Cigar Dudes eventually evolved into Cigar Chicks and Cigar Mates! The term "Stogies & Stemware" became a normal thought and regularly placed on his art. It is now the name and focal point of this website.

He had the idea of adding cigar bands to his art in the beginning and have been saving them since 2009. Most of the bands are from actual cigars that he smoked. The others, about 5 percent come from friends and associates.

Most of the faces and names that appear in his Art have no significance to any actual person or persons. Occasionally there are references to known or famous people and places. They are created to be fun, humorous, interesting and eye catching!

If his Art makes you smile, tell a friend. If it makes you laugh, he has succeeded in his quest to make it interactive!  If you need and want to continue the relationship, take one home!

Cheers and Slainte!


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