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Cigar Dudes. It has a nice ring and brings together him, his smoking buddies, his passion for wine, cigars & sports and the inspiration for his Art. Wine is his first pastime love, but cigars and sports are not far behind. Dudes, slang but helps to keep him and his buddies grounded! A bold reminder of the differences and similarities they share. When they sit down to enjoy stogies with wine, whiskey, rum or port, it's not the situation, but the fellowship that matters (MJ)! They puff, sip, tell lies and laugh, but nothing equals the camaraderie shared! His Art is inspired by these gatherings, his trips to cigar factories and wineries around the world and his affinity for sketching. The vibrant colors, hand glued cigar bands and uniqueness of the caricatures are what makes his Art different and interesting. Speaking of different, all are original. No piece is duplicated!


If you are inspired but not sold.  Feel free to contact him via e-mail. He has pieces that are not on this website. Also, Custom and/or commission Art is available on a limited basis.

Cigar Dudes

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